The Premiere Opera Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the operatic artform through discovering, nurturing, and honoring the most promising, up and coming opera singers in the world today, enhancing their careers through financial, educational, and ongoing advisory support, and by archiving, restoring, and promoting the recorded history of the world's most rare, as well as iconic live operatic performances.


The Premiere Opera Foundation is a model for how resources can be offered to artists, and an advocate for the value of artists, in amplifying their essential contributions to communities around the globe. The impact the Foundation seeks:

  • Expand the awareness of opera, and its educational as well as therapeutic value to all global citizens.

  • Advance and celebrate the work of today’s opera singers through scholarships, residencies, masterclasses, and related educational initiatives to ensure that they are supported and thriving.

  • Showcase artists that reflect and represent the diverse world in which we live.

  • Extend artist’s legacy by restoring, protecting, archiving, and promoting their live performances.

  • Act as a beacon, to bridge the Golden Age operatic traditions to the current constructs of today's classical music world.



Educational based

Diverse in demographics & perspectives

Sustainable & Comprehensive


The work of the foundation will be tri-fold:

Most prominently the mission of the Premiere Opera Foundation will be manifested through our International Vocal Competition. Through some of the most esteemed operatic judging panels ever assembled, and through our international reach and network, we will enhance the careers of our participants through the opportunity for them to sing for some of the biggest names in the industry, in some of the biggest cities in the world, as well as to receive financial and ongoing management, advisory, and educational support. 

We will also provide public masterclasses and private sessions for artists to truly hone their craft, under the tutelage of some of the most inimitable professionals in the opera world today. Working intimately with these masters will give our participants unparalleled opportunities to not only perfect their craft on an artistic level, but to interact with the cognoscenti who can contribute to their advancement on a business level. Offering the masterclasses publicly, allows for an interactive experience of increased awareness, and understanding as to the current relevance, and intense universal humanity of the operatic art form, that is otherwise stereotyped as stuffy, and out of touch.

Next, the Premiere Opera Foundation is to oversee the compiling, restoring, protecting, archiving, and promotion of the world's greatest operatic performances, housed at Premiere Opera, the world’s largest archival catalog of live opera recordings, featuring rare and unique performances of the greatest singers of the past and artists of today. Premiere Opera thus will donate 100% of its income to the Premiere Opera Foundation in order to continue to support the foundation’s incredible goals and initiatives. The Premiere Opera catalog was founded in the 1960’s by Edward Rosen, one of the original record producers of live opera recordings, whose work went on to sell in the biggest classical music record stores throughout the world. Through recording these great Golden Age singers, the Premiere Opera catalog is the only database in the world to hold such a legacy of recorded history, therefore its continuation is essential from an educational and historical standpoint, so that the next generation of opera singers and classical arts connoisseurs all over the world can learn from the most iconic live performances of the past. 

Our mission is noble and clear, and we believe that it is imperative for the continuation of this demanding art form, to continue discovering and honoring the most promising, up and coming opera singers in the world today, and by which, we will extend outreach, education, and essential therapeutic value to communities and continents all over the world.