…or as we, his friends fondly called him, Ed or Eddie, was one of the main impetuses behind the creation of our Vocal Competition, thus the Grand Prize is awarded in his name. As one of the original record producers of live opera recordings, whose work went on to sell in the biggest classical music stores throughout the world, Ed founded, in the 1960s, Premiere Opera, which has today grown into the world’s largest archival recording database of rare and live operatic performances. Ed’s love, support, and knowledge of great operatic singing is a legacy which we are dedicated to continuing, as Ed was also always interested in promoting and passing on the Golden Age traditions to the next generation of young aspiring opera singers. If not for much of Ed’s producing and archiving work, many tens of thousands of incredible live performances and iconic moments in the theater, would exist only in the memories and recollections of those who witnessed them first hand, therefore being gone forever when those souls took leave of this life. Through Ed’s life work, the Premiere Opera catalog is the only database in the world to hold such a legacy of recorded history, therefore its continuation is essential from an educational and historical standpoint, so that the next generation of students, opera singers, fans, and classical arts connoisseurs from all over the world, can learn from, be inspired by, and experience the greatest live operatic and classical arts performances. Ed was a visionary in his time, and had a calling bordering on a deeply significant and sacred responsibility. His life and work has provided true essential needs in the lives of so many around the globe. We are eternally grateful for Ed’s significant contribution to this great art form and are honored to be carrying on his legacy and vision.

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